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Why use Tansey & Riggs as Your Customs Broker?

Imported Cars by Customs BrokersIt does not follow that the shipping company that was best for a particular destination or cargo last week will be the best company this week. Tansey & Riggs is tied to no particular company so places clients business in the market where the service is best, the experience of the cargo or the route is greatest, or where the price is right. Every shipment is different and every shipment gets expert consideration.

Contributing to your Profits

Tansey & Riggs operates as an extension of the client company’s organization, so it is at its best when called in before final contracts are signed so that the best form of agreement regarding shipping can be built into the deal. When used like this, as a shipping consultancy and as a part of the management team, Tansey & Riggs can contribute significantly to your overall profitability.

Importing New and Different Products

Before you buy that exciting new product for your line, call Tansey & Riggs. Get the duty rate options. It might impact the price you will pay. That product you might want may have restrictions as to importation into the US. It may require other Government Agency review such as Food and Drug Administration, Federal Communication Commission, Fish and Wildlife Service, EPA, USDA, the list goes on and on.

Choosing a Customs Broker for CarsLetters of Credit

Taking control of the Letter of Credit process is crucial for both exporters and importers. It protects both sides in the transactions and the short answer is that you must know what you want and have it all in writing. Do not assume anything. Everything is negotiable. Create a Letter of Credit Requirements list for your imports to give to your suppliers. It should list the terms you will accept, the expiration date, whether partial shipments are acceptable (remember each partial shipment gives the bank more money in fees).

Try and work with one bank consistently. In this world of huge banks it is difficult to form relationships with a bank, but if you deal with one bank over and over again at least you will know their procedure. Also decide if you really need or want an L/C. It is going to cost about $500.00 in fees or more. L/Cs are good for large value shipments and for partners who do not know each other. Established customers/vendors relationships don’t necessarily deal in L/Cs much.

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